3 Reliable Ways to Improve Your IT Skills

IT skills

“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning. ” (Benjamin Franklin)

You’re an IT person, working with the latest technologies and frameworks, always passionate about new tech and constantly looking for ways to learn more and improve your skills. The challenge is to find the best resources and ways to achieve this since. What can you do to learn more and be better?

We did some research and put together this article dealing with 3 main ways in which you can up your IT game.

1.Read Technical Books and Take Online Tutorials

One of the best ways to improve your skills, be they IT, writing, cooking, is by reading books, preferably written by industry experts who can really add value and substance to what you already know. Nowadays, the number one place to buy a book is online, usually on Amazon.com. Why? Because you have access to a collection far bigger than what you could find in a typical store. When purchasing a book online, make sure to check the reviews and ratings. Look for books with at least 4 out of 5 stars. Technical books can often be filled with lengthy code listings, so make sure to look for one that’s clearly organized, well-edited and well-indexed.

Online tutorials have some advantages over books: they’re more accessible, the information is already condensed and served in a logical, easy to follow way, they’re free and timely. Although many aren’t professionally edited, they help get you out of a puzzling situation.

2. Subscribe to Tech Magazines & Blogs

Technical blogs, websites and magazines provide an accessible way of keeping up with the latest advancements and trends while improving your general technical skills.

If you prefer to hold a magazine in your hand and flip through the pages, the top tech magazines for you are: Wired, Maximum PC, 2600: The Hacker Quarterly, The Linux Journal, Make.

If you’re a fan of online tech magazines, we recommend:

In what concerns tech blogs, this is a list that might come in handy:

3. Attend Technical Conferences, Workshops and Seminars

For many, the hands-on, live experience trumps studying alone or learning online. There are numerous training sessions, seminars and workshops that offer a platform for learning about a specific technology topic. One of the biggest advantages of attending conferences, workshops and seminars is that you gain knowledge from an industry expert while also learning from other attendees through their questions and contributions. The great part is that IT experts really master their field of expertise and can offer on-the-spot answers to any questions you may have.

One great opportunity to interact with renowned technology leaders is 2017 is during Codecamp in Iasi. Spanning from the 5th to the 16th of May, the event will feature numerous workshops, talks, presentations, contests and community building activities.

One of the biggest additions to Codecamp 2017 are the masterclasses. These represent high-end learning events organised with top trainers and specialists the likes of Raoul-Gabriel Urma, Axel Fontaine, Dino Esposito, Peter Lawrey. The masterclasses will address a wide range of disciplines and technologies: architecture, Java, .NET, security, testing.

Book your seat to one of tech leaders’ masterclasses.

If you’re more of a conference person, be sure you don’t miss out on Day 1 – May 12th. You will get the unique opportunity to see world-renowned international speakers such Axel Fontaine, Raoul-Gabriel Urma, Dino Esposito, Sasha Goldshtein, Greg Tworek, Valery Jacobs, Chander Dhall, Michael Jankowski-Lorek, Peter Lawrey and our very own Vlad “Reign” Zelinschi.

Get your ticket for Day 1.

Hope you enjoyed reading this article and see you at Codecamp Iasi!

3 Reasons to See Dino Esposito in Action @Codecamp Iasi

Dino Esposito at Codecamp Iasi

Dino Esposito has been the voice of Microsoft Press to Web developer since 2003. During this time he has written many popular books on ASP.NET and software architecture (“Architecting Applications for the Enterprise” with fellow MVP Andrea Saltarello and “Modern Web Development” to name just a few).

Currently, he is the CTO of Crionet, a company focused on providing Web-based and mobile solutions tailored for sport events across Europe. Dino is also the technical evangelist of JetBrains, a company striving to help developers be more productive by automating common, repetitive tasks; here, he specialises on Android and Kotlin development. Another interesting element to note about Dino is that he is a member of the team that manages WURFL — a mobile device database used by companies the likes of Facebook and Google.

Besides being a long-time trainer and consultant, Dino frequently holds talks about everything .NET at industry events all around the world, Codecamp Iași being one of them in May 2017. If you are not convinced yet, here are just some of the very valid reasons for why you should attend Dino’s masterclass.

You are passionate about software design and architecture

You’re into designing and engineering software systems based on user requirements? If that’s the case, you probably know that things are not as easy as they seem. More often than not, when customers see the prototype, they just don’t like it. Regardless of the number of meetings and discussions you’ve set up, customers and developers seem to have different visions of the final product. Dino is an expert at making sure the final product doesn’t miss the mark of what users want. As a matter of fact, Dino is regularly invited to hold talks and trainings at international industry conferences on topics ranging from the challenges of modern development and scalability best practices, the impact of UX on software architecture and design, to the patterns of mobile app development.

Being extremely passionate about software design and architecture, Dino has also written a number of books such as Microsoft® .NET: Architecting Applications for the Enterprise and Microsoft ASP.NET and AJAX: Architecting Web Applications that have served as educational cornerstones for many of today’s .NET developers.

Still wondering what you could learn about software design and architecture at Dino’s masterclass? Check out this article he’s written for Microsoft Developer Network: Cutting Edge – Better Architecture with UX-Driven Design. Now imagine what it would be like to have him answer your heavy questions and share with you his most valuable insights on the topic. It could be one of those eureka moments!

You want to learn more about ASP.NET Core

As you probably know, Dino is not only into architecture and UX-driven design. He’s currently working on finishing his latest book, Programming ASP.NET Core which is set to launch in April this year.

Being an avid content creator, Dino is constantly writing 2-3 blog posts (mainly on .NET and development) every month. Here are just a few examples that might give you a clue about Dino’s mastering of ASP.NET:

You just want to see him in action because he inspired thousands of developers worldwide

Yes, Dino Esposito is an inspiration not only for his impressive know-how and expertise but also for the way in which he manages to convey that information to others.

At Codecamp Iași, Dino Esposito will be holding 2 days of intensive training on Developing ASP.NET Core Applications. The masterclass will focus on existing ASP.NET developers, who will need to bring all of their development experience, roll up their sleeves and spend two hands-on days working side-by-side with Dino on building an ASP.NET Core application from the ground up.

The training will start with an empty ASP.NET Core project that will gradually grow and develop into a functioning solution. The best part is that whoever participates will have the opportunity to generate specific solutions to their issues, under the constant monitoring of Dino Esposito himself. He will also be able to offer constant feedback to each participant and will hold Q&A sessions so that no one leaves the masterclass with their questions unanswered.

Dino Esposito’s masterclass has limited seats so we encourage you to register sooner rather than later. Here is the register link: http://iasi.codecamp.ro/masterclasses/aspnetcore/.

If you have any additional questions give us a sign at [email protected] and we’ll be more than happy to answer them for you.

As a thank you for reading this article, here are a couple of presentations that will give you a taste of what’s going to happen on the 12th of May 2017 in Iasi, at Dino Esposito’s talk dubbed DDD and the Delicate Art of Building Software:

Hands-on Experience: What It Means to Design a Domain Model

DevTalk Live with Jon Skeet and Dino Esposito (.NET DeveloperDays 2016)

Codecamp Turns 10 and Here’s What We Have In Store for You


Codecamp started out in Iași back in 2008 with a daring idea, a ton of work and a Yahoo messenger status promoting it all. Our dream was to bring together local IT professionals and organise a series of events that would slowly but surely lead to the birth of an IT community. We started off very small and were really happy to see that there was a growing demand for this kind of community-centered IT events, so we decided to take everything to the next level.


This year, Codecamp will take place in Cluj-Napoca, Baia Mare, Bacau, Piatra Neamt, Suceava, Timisoara, Chisinau and, of course Iasi, the place where it all started, and will feature over 8000 participants, 300 speakers, 30 communities and 60 partners. Make sure you don’t miss it!

Codecamp Iași, 5-14 May 2017

Tribute to the fact that Codecamp started in Iasi 10 years ago, we are planning a whole week filled with interesting events. Moreover, when we said “taking it to the next level” we were also referring to the new format that Codecamp Iasi will have this year. Spanning from the 5th to the 16th of May, it will feature numerous workshops, talks, presentations, contests and community building activities. Here is a first look at how everything will take place in Iasi:

5-6th of May 2017 – The Hack

8-9th of May 2017 – Open Days

10-11th of May 2017 – Masterclasses

12-13th of May 2017 – Codecamp International Conference

13-14th of May 2017 – A party to remember



One of the biggest additions to Codecamp 2017 are the masterclasses. These represent high-end learning events organised with top trainers and specialists from all over the world. Think about an in-depth workshop mixed with a hands-on, practical approach and one-on-one consulting sessions and you get a Masterclass. They are concentrated in the two days before the conference and will address a diverse range of disciplines and technologies: architecture, Java, .NET, security, testing. In most of them there is a limited number of people who can attend (10-20 participants), thus the trainer can focus on each and every one of the participants’ questions and try to find tailored solutions. Here are just some of the masterclasses that will take place in May 2017 in Iasi:

Codecamp International Conference


The second improvement we’re making is that his year’s conference will run for 2 days and will look something like this:

Day 1 will feature top speakers who usually hold presentations at international conferences such as QCon, O’Reilly, Devoxx, etc. The biggest benefit is that you will gain access to the knowledge of experts like Axel Fontaine, Raoul-Gabriel Urma, Dino Esposito, Sasha Goldshtein, Greg Tworek, Valery Jacobs, Chander Dhall, Michael Jankowski-Lorek and our very own Vlad “Reign” Zelinschi. Not to be overlooked is that fact that they only appear in the same line-up for a small number of international conferences, Codecamp being the only one in Romania where we have the chance to see this happen.

Day 2 is the day when the IT community truly comes together, the talks and workshops being delivered by local professionals and partners. It will feature 10 tracks and 70 talks so everyone can deep dive into stuff they’re passionate about, or enhance their knowledge on new topics they would like to know more about.

So if you’re into software design and the qualities of a good architecture, immutable infrastructure, cloud, IoT, security, latest upgrades to development platforms such as Java8 and .NET Core, don’t forget to book your tickets asap.

The Hack

Mix in a lot of innovation, a few groups of talented people with a passion for IT, an important problem that is in dire need for a solution, a big room full of laptops and 24 hours and you get The Hack. It’s an intense interdisciplinary race for solutions that will solve problems ranging from healthcare to public transportation, automotive, fin-tech and other solutions that could be used to improve in the community.

Open Days

If you want to get to know IT companies and other organizations hands-on, this is one of your best bets. For 2 days in a row, you will be invited to see what a normal day of work looks like for a lot of tech businesses. You will also take part in workshops and talks held by in-house or external/community professionals which is a great way to gain some extra insight.

Party Time

What better way to celebrate 10 years of Codecamp than with 2 days of sharing, networking and, of course, partying. We’ve prepared a lot of surprises for all of you but we’re keeping them secret for now.

There’s still a lot of work to be done and a lot of things to put in motion but we’re positive that this anniversary edition of Codecamp will be one that everyone will remember. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that helped bring this IT community event to where it is today. Hope to see you all at Codecamp 2017!