Masterclass: Situational Leadership®: Taking Charge

Situational Leadership®: Taking Charge is 1 day workshop designed to help front-line employees and individual contributors develop a thorough understanding of the leadership process. When employees can recognize a clear connection between their performance and the success of the organization, they perform to the full extent of their capabilities, as opposed to simply working within the parameters of their job descriptions.

Date: 25 April 2018, Iasi

Training fee: €190/participant plus VAT, only 25 seats available
To book your seats, please contact us by email ([email protected] Read in full

Masterclass: Leveraging Your Power to Influence

Training based on Situational Leadership® Model, the most powerful system utilized globally for increasing leaders’ performance in work environment and their results, obtained through the persons they are coordinating, regardless of their hierarchical position in organization or their functional role.


Date: 26 April 2018, Iasi

Training fee: €250/participant plus VAT, only 25 seats available
To book your seats, please contact us by email ([email protected] Read in full

How OK will redefine the retail value chain with the most sophisticated simple app

It’s a lovely Sunday morning. You grab your phone, wallet and keys and rush out for a cup of coffee. Going through all your Visa cards, discount cards, coupons and lots of bills, you realize you have no cash and the guy at the counter tells you the credit card POS is broken. With the next ATM located about 30 minutes’ walk from the shop, no coffee for today. Read in full

Blockchain, Digital Identities And Wearable Payments

What does the Future of Fintech hold?

Maxcode’s Chief Business Development Officer, Liesbeth Becker Hoff discusses top Fintech trends

As it transitions from a disruptive tech trend to a mainstream industry, Fintech is gaining significant ground among digital users. A recent survey shows that 15.5% of digitally active consumers have used at least two Fintech products within the last six months. As awareness of the available products and services increases, adoption rates are expected to double within the year. Read in full

3 reasons to organize an internal Hackathon. This is how Maxcode did it

No true developer will ever say that attending a hackathon seems completely foreign to them. During the last couple of years, such gatherings have registered a significant growth in number and uptake across the globe, including our country.
Hackathons are usually organized over longer periods of time, ranging from 24-48 hours to even a couple of days. During this interval, participants normally join hands and knowledge to build software and learn new things while doing it.
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Masterclass: React component patterns

Date: 9-10 May 2018, Iasi
Days: 2 (16 hours)

Target audience: Frontend developers with basic React and Redux knowledge required willing to make the leap to more advanced levels.

Training fee: €330/participant plus VAT, only 15 seats available
To book your seats, please contact us by email ([email protected]) or phone (+40 741 103 133).


1. Stateless functions
a. What are stateless functions? Read in full

See how Artificial Intelligence is changing the way we live our lives

AI as a strategic area of investment in order to stand out from the crowd. For instance, a survey conducted by Vanson Bourne, a research firm on behalf of Teradata on 260 IT and business decision-makers, reveals that more than 80% of companies are investing in AI.

Industries impacted by AI

Even if AI has an impact on all industries, there are several areas that will be revolutionized by it. Read in full

Meet the Partners for Codecamp in Iaşi | 24 March

Codecamp Iasi will be back on March 24. Don’t forget to register HERE. The complete agenda will be announced soon.

In the meantime, we want to thank our partners for being with us every step of the way.



Established in 1998 in Cluj-Napoca, Softvision is now a big and global outsourcing company that provides great software product development services to their clients. Softvision expanded throughout Romania in Baia Mare, Bucuresti, Iasi and Timişoara. Read in full

How to create simple apps using Unity 3D and Parse Server

If you want to create an app faster, and you do not have knowledge from the backend area, but you require your app to interact with a database, one accessible solution is to use Parse Server. Parse Server is an open source Back-as-a Service (BaaS) framework initially developed by Facebook which uses web-based, all-in-one Dashboard. From here, you can create classes and manage your data, to view analytics, and send push notifications. Read in full

Masterclass: Functional Programming on the JVM with Scala & Clojure

Most programming languages are gaining functional programming constructs, and the JVM remains a rock-solid base on which to build a wide variety of applications; however, the legacy ties to OOP in the Java programming language itself make many of the more interesting and useful aspects of functional programming difficult to achieve.


23 March 2018, IASI

Training fee: €250/participant plus VAT, only 25 seats available

To book your seats, please contact us by email ([email protected]

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