How does software development look like the AI era?

A 2018 study by Adobe revealed that, at the time, 47% of digitally mature organizations already had a defined AI strategy, with 84% also having a personalized strategy within their mobile app experience. Organizations all over the world are taking steps to move toward more AI-enabled tools and transformative experience in all company areas. At this point, it is only logical to start discussing the impact artificial intelligence has on software development. Read in full

The story behind StepFWD

Alexandra Anghel on how StepFWD started

At the beginning of 2015, me and my co-founder decided to rent a couple of desks at TechHub Bucharest. It was our first time trying out a co-working space and I was skeptical I could make the switch after working from a private office for so long.

Frankly, I wasn’t in the mood to get out of the house.

After securing a seed investment at the beginning of 2014, we had failed to generate enough revenue or raise a follow-on investment. Read in full