The privacy equation in Artificial Intelligence

Once the internet has really taken off and the use of technology in almost every activity has become the new norm, people started to voluntarily trade their privacy for convenience. And they have done it for years. Yet, nowadays, individuals are finally thinking about questioning this exchange and paying more attention to their data privacy.

According to a study by Intouch International, 9 in 10 American internet users stated they are concerned about the privacy and security of their personal information online. Read in full

How to increase mobile purchases by implementing the right technology

With more than half of all internet traffic shopping from a mobile device, it is essential that your website is optimized to adapt to the technical limitations of a mobile device to meet your ecommerce goals. Statistics show that 40% of users will check what your competition has to offer if they have a bad mobile experience using your website.

So how you ensure that potential customers will thoroughly view your products on their mobile devices? Read in full

Can we eliminate bias in Artificial Intelligence?

The ultimate goal of artificial intelligence is to create technology that will allow computers and machines to mimic the human brain and exhibit human-like behaviour. Although there’s a long way until current AI will become similar or equivalent to human intelligence, there is, nevertheless, a certain characteristic that machine learning has already picked up from us. Being biased.

What exactly is biased in AI?

Being biased means displaying a tendency to lean in a certain direction, either in favour of or against a particular thing, without having a neutral point of view on that aspect. Read in full