The Codecamp experience

“I’ve been with Codecamp for about five years now. It caught me in my early stages of my professional career. Even then, I knew I had something to share with an audience, but I didn’t know how. I was scared I would make a fool of myself. And I guess a little too proud to let my ego suffer a possible failure.

That’s when I met Florin. He is one of the core organizers of Codecamp and he also possesses this sometimes uncanny ability to encourage people to bring up the best in themselves and take action in doing what they want despite their conservation instincts. So he talked me into showing up for the next edition of the conference. And that’s how Responsive images in the wild was born.
Being part of this movement was one of the best things that happened to my professional career. It opened up roads I probably wouldn’t have explored on my own. I’ve grown to appreciate more the effort that goes into building a community like this over the years and organizing a conference. I’ve also had the chance to take all that knowledge and have my fair share of experiences organizing other conferences, building communities or putting together technical events. I couldn’t have done that without the proper context, without myself being part of a movement whose aim is to bring people together so they can share things.”

Read Vlad’s story here.

Meet Haufe Group

Haufe Group offers integrated and comprehensive workplace solutions to successfully manage tax, commercial and legal challenges. Their solutions cover content, applications, professional training and qualifications, services as well as Online communities and portals.

Their target groups are small, medium and large companies, self-employed/freelancers, as well as tax and legal advisers, public services and NGOs.

They have consistently developed into a specialist for digital and web-based services. Headquartered in Freiburg, Germany, Haufe employs approximately 1,800 people around the world.

As a provider of integrated enterprise and workplace solutions, they endorse a management approach that places employees at the center of entrepreneurial thinking and action. Their employees make our company successful!

With over 7 years of successful projects in software development, their team in Timisoara has now the target of becoming an Engineering Center.

They encourage a culture that allows you to:

Have courage

Be curious

Engage & Excel

Be part of a performing Team

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Linkedin: Haufe Group

Facebook: Haufe-Lexware Romania

Youtube: Haufe-Lexware Development