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In the meantime, we want to thank our partners for being with us every step of the way.


For most of the Romanian, BRD is a day to day presence, spread all over the country. We are a Top Romanian Bank and one of the companies listed at BVB. We have also a long history. Descendent of the National Industrial Credit Society, created in 1923, BRD was initially the Investment Bank of the Romanian country before becoming, in 1990, a universal bank. In 1999, Societe Generale became the majority shareholder of the bank. The French bank, one of the biggest from the euro area, with 145.000 employees in 66 countries and over 31 mil.  Clients from all over the world, transferred in Romania know-how that allowed us to become shortly one of the leaders of the Romanian market.

We constantly are looking to innovate ourselves, while offering to wide public programs and products tailored, from kids to students and businesses of different sizes, comfort and security. We have 2.3 mil clients and 780 branches. Our activity covers three major business lines: retail and IMM, big corporations and investment banking. With over 7.500 employees we are one of the biggest banking employers.

BRD is an important economic actor in the local economy but also we are an active social player, involved in the community through projects and programs that cover social, cultural and sportive areas.

We are proud to support technology and innovation in our country and we engage our efforts in developing key actors (the new generation of IT specialists and tech entrepreneurs ) for a digital society. Our main projects are  BRD First Tech Challenge, the Robotics Labs and Innovation Labs but we constantly continue to search and support initiatives, such as Codecamp,  that contribute to supporting the Romanian creators of technology and innovation. Furthermore, we have developed a special offer for the IT segment through which we hope to answer the daily banking needs of this public.  Find out more details on


Established in 1998 in Cluj-Napoca, Softvision is now a big and global outsourcing company that provides great software product development services to their clients. Softvision expanded throughout Romania in Baia Mare, Bucuresti, Iasi and Timişoara. The company develops over 300 projects for over 100 clients from Europe and USA, in the following fields: software development, testing and quality assurance, mobile apps, UI/UX Design, support services and others.

Softvision is renowned for its Top 500 Fortune, Silicon Valley and Wall Street clients: Microsoft, Toshiba, Alcatel, Sharp, Swisscom, Sprint and others. In 2016, Softvision merged with well-renowned US-based Company SPI (Software Paradigms International), thus becoming an International Company with offices also in Canada, Australia, Brazil and India.

With the merger, Softvision gained new clients from the retail segment: Macy’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale’s, Neiman Marcus, Lord&Taylor, Estee Lauder, Michael Kors. Softvision encourages their employees to work hard, play hard and to continuously learn through the Softvision University Program.

This was developed to offer full support to every individual in the company to reach the highest professional development level in accordance with their potential. Softvision University comprises 11 communities: .Net, Android, iOS, Web, DB, QA, Java, C/C++, DevOps, PM and Artificial Intelligence.


Edurom is a national company that has been successfully providing in Romania, since 2002, human resources services, based on two powerful and well known global methodologies: BELBIN and Situational Leadership -The Original Model.

Moreover, EDUROM exclusively represents these methodologies in Romania. Thus, day by day, we are striving to: Build Leaders, Create and Develop PERFORMING Teams, and achieve significant Improvements of Productivity for our customers. Based on this, Edurom provides professional services in Training, Recruitment, AND Consultancy (Performance Management and Productivity Improvement).


Mambu is helping financial institutions to rapidly deliver business value in a constantly changing market. Our leading cloud-native solution is the driving force behind our clients as they grow, scale and transform to meet evolving digital demands. We believe that a great company is built on great people. We are proud to have brought together incredibly bright minds to help make financial services ready for the 21st century. Our clients understand what it takes to succeed in a fully digital world and our team is a trusted partner in their endeavors.


Maxcode builds and delivers payment and identification software. We have years of experience in offering solutions for Banks, Payment Service Providers, and merchants. These solutions vary from modules that allow merchants to connect with their bank to complete billing transaction-based systems.

As a Fintech constructor Maxcode excels in the development of online payments and electronic identification. Components developed by Maxcode are based on the newest technology, built by engineers who are experienced developers, and also bring years of knowledge on the concepts behind many used payment methods and identification protocols.

They are your partner in developing ideas about new or improved services utilizing xs2a (Access to the Account) opportunities provided in the most recent Payment Service Directive.


Bytex is an on-growing company, providing software solutions for both big and small companies, because we believe that, regardless of the experience, there are always means of improvement. We’re employee oriented, we invest in our teams and provide ideal working conditions, from office perks to a quite flexible schedule. We’ve partnered up with several collaborators to craft well-rounded web products and we’re contributing in developing the newest solutions in fields such as networking, cybersecurity, cloud & storage and IoT.


Hardly any other market develops as fast as eCommerce does. With our expertise, we help our customers to maintain an overview – before they even start. Our software solutions enable us to fully automate the ordering processes – from the first contact in the online shop to workflow-optimized print production. Sophisticated and intelligent online editors, a search engine friendly structure, as well as optimal interfacing, round out the performance portfolio of our software. As a team, we offer active, competent and reliable support to our customers on their way into the Cloud, with a special focus on fast and friendly customer service and support.


Digital Science is a technology company working to make research more efficient. We invest in, nurture and support innovative businesses and technologies that make all parts of the research process more open and effective. Our portfolio includes admired brands including Altmetric, Dimensions, Figshare, ReadCube, Symplectic, IFI Claims, GRID, Overleaf, Labguru, BioRAFT, PeerWith, UberResearch, TetraScience and Transcriptic. We believe that together, we can help researchers make a difference. Visit


The cognitiveSEO toolset is a complete digital marketing solution and most likely, the only SEO tool you’ll ever need. The tool flags all possible SEO issues and provides recommendations on how to fix them so that you can experience increased rankings and traffic in a matter of days.
Our all-inclusive tool covers all the needs an SEO Pro, webmaster or digital marketer might have along with efficient solutions on how to increase any website’s traffic: a comprehensive Site Audit, all the on-page & off-page factors that influence Google rankings, keywords research & rank tracking, content optimization, in-depth backlinks analysis, Google Penalty prevention and recovery, social visibility and much more.


CRF Health is the leading provider of patient-centered eSource and telemedicine technologies and service solutions for the life sciences industry. With experience in more than 800 clinical trials, over 100 languages and across 74 countries, CRF Health’s TrialMax® platform consistently demonstrates the industry’s highest data accuracy, patient and site compliance, and patient retention. Its recent acquisition of mHealth provider Entra Health, has allowed CRF Health to extend the connectivity of its existing technology to now include cloud-based remote patient monitoring, telehealth, data exchange and analytics.

CRF Health’s eSource solutions improve trial engagement by making the patient the center piece of the healthcare and clinical trial process, and seamlessly integrating into sites to maximize protocol compliance. The integrated TrialMax platform includes eCOA solutions for collecting PROs (Patient Reported Outcomes), ObsROs (Observer Reported Outcomes), ClinROs (Clinician or Rater Reported Outcomes), and PerfOs (Performance Outcomes), and features TrialConsent™, an electronic solution for collecting informed consent in clinical trials.


For over 30 years ESET developed top of the industry software and security services. With solutions varying from endpoint and mobile dedicated security solutions to encryption and 2-factor authentication, the high-quality products of ESET offer consumers and companies the safe working environment they need to reach their true technological potential. The company is supported by research and development centers from all around the world and in 2017 ESET came to Iasi, Romania. More than 100 million users worldwide trust the ESET solutions, making it one of the most recommended security solutions in the world.


Challenges. Opportunities. Growth. Fun. Great teams. Creative freedom. Trust. Empowerment. These are some of the words people use to describe their careers at Yonder.

Yonder develops software products and, at the end of the day, their work translates not just into lines of code, bugs solved or features created, but into the impact and sustainability of applications for tens of thousands of users in the USA and across Europe.

This means that they take a big step forward in their personal and professional development each day.

Moreover, as part of Total Specific Solutions (TSS) in the Netherlands and Constellation Software Inc. in Canada, they are part of an international business environment and have access to an extensive network of professionals and great best practices to learn from and follow.

And the most exciting thing? They’re just getting started even if they have over 20 years of experience.


CompuGroup Medical is a leading global eHealth provider. Their software and communications solutions assist doctors, dentists, hospitals, pharmacists, associations, networks and other service providers with workflow, diagnosis and therapy. The platforms they provide facilitate the networking of all healthcare stakeholders. With a customer base of around 385,000 service providers worldwide, CompuGroup Medical covers:

  •         General practitioners and dentists
  •         Hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers and care facilities
  •         Pharmacies
  •         Health insurers
  •         Pharmaceutical companies
  •         Public bodies

CompuGroup Medical provides modern IT solutions which are in step with the latest developments in the field of medicine and which meet the needs of the healthcare sector. This enables users to store, exchange and access medical information when and where they need it, improving their performance and benefiting patients whilst savings costs. Their solutions work for people who care about health by providing them with relevant medical information and data anywhere and anytime they require it.


We provide high-value data, news and analytics that powers business growth for financial and professional services firms worldwide.

Using our products, Acuris subscribers can find opportunities and make the bast decisions based on the strongest evidence.

We drive value for our subscribers by putting relevant opportunities at their fingertips, whenever, wherever and in whatever format they need. Our worldwide team of specialist reporters and analysts are in constant touch with their markets, bringing unique insights to our subscribers and building up an unrivaled body of data and research.


StreamUnlimited is a technology powerhouse in the field of IoT and streaming audio multi-room and voice-assisted solutions.

Our offering comprises engineering services, hardware modules and software solutions (embedded Software and Applications).


OSF Global, with its brand OSF Commerce, is a top digital Cloud transformation specialist and leading global commerce solutions company. Winner of the 2018 Salesforce Lightning Bolt Trailblazer Award for Retail and Salesforce’s 2016 Partner Innovation Award in Retail, the company provides technology, consulting, implementation and online shop management services to emerging and premier brands, and merchants focused on building Multi-Cloud and Unified Commerce projects using Salesforce Clouds and other top-tier cloud technologies such as Sitecore and Adobe. OSF’s agile approach allows the company to scale global growth more quickly and enable businesses to enhance customer experience. With over 120 ongoing projects and eight years of worldwide deployments, OSF delivers innovative digital solutions across channels, devices, and locales.

Cristina Verestiuc, Technical Lead OSF Global:


Casa Auto is part of Tester Grup, one of the first entrepreneurial businesses in Iași and Moldova, a solid and dynamic group of companies with a history of nearly 25 years, operating in areas like car dealership, real estate, car sharing, manufacturing, insurance broker and HoReCa.

Casa Auto is the largest automotive complex in the region and the dealer with the highest number of brands represented in Romania. With 13 brands in its portfolio and the largest second-hand car park, Casa Auto is a benchmark in its field representing some of the most renowned auto brands in the world (Mercedes-Benz, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mazda, Honda, Dacia, Nissan, Citroen, Peugeot, Opel, Renault), constantly aiming to reinvent itself in order to exceed the expectations of their customers.


Ness Digital Engineering is an innovative custom software development firm Ness Digital Engineering provides digital transformation and custom software product engineering services to help organizations envision, build, and continually evolve their digital platforms to enter new markets, capture new revenue and gain operational efficiencies.

Their global team enables clients to compete and grow in today’s digital economy by providing deep expertise in experience engineering, product and platform development, and data analytics. Ness’s strength is the ability to provide a seamless blend of creative design and user experience engineering, combined with a rigorous, productized approach to digital platform development and data analytics.

Product engineering is central to the company’s heritage. Using their Ness Connected framework, they help companies define and develop the right digital products and services faster to significantly accelerate time to market, improve customer engagement and reduce business risk. As a custom software development firm, Ness believes digital platform development and product engineering requires a fundamentally different approach than running traditional enterprise IT services or providing staff augmentation.


Veoneer is the world’s largest pure-play company focused on Advanced Driving Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Automated Driving (AD). We are 7,900 people in 13 countries worldwide, working on making the world’s fastest growing, cutting-edge technologies — like radar, night vision, electronic controls, and human-machine interface — ready for the demands of mass production and real world use.


Codeless is a highly technical, client-focused organization that supports companies with their digitalization and complexities of doing business on a global scale. The Codeless team covers over 40 industry professionals. Its business model is to provide software-solutions that are user-friendly, efficient and according to the Mobile & Cloud first principle. Their solutions are defined by the latest technology, high level of user-friendliness and beautifully designed User Interfaces.


Technology has become a dominant factor for companies. In the last decade, companies have become more and more IT-driven and software is now at the core of everyone’s business. The demand for software developers has risen and companies struggle to finish their projects in time due to decreased capacity.

Codemore wants to enable those companies to push forward on their digital ambition by offering best in class software developers. We are a pragmatic company that firmly believes in using tools and technologies that boost productivity. That is why our colleagues are skilled in both conventional programming and also in Low Code platforms. We aim to deliver what matters most to customers while making the time to market as short as possible.


Two programming aficionados, Daniel Dines and Marius Tarca, both Romanian, started writing the history of UiPath more than 12 years ago founding DeskOver – a software outsourcing company. The firm was building automation libraries and sharing them with developers from all over the world and software development kits for other organizations such as IBM, Google, and Microsoft to embed in their own products. Our code was and is still used on literally millions of machines around the world, part of different products.

In 2012, the team has realized the market fit with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and started orienting resources towards building a platform for training and orchestrating software robots, and one year later they launched the first UiPath Desktop Automation product line based on Microsoft Workflow Designer – specifically targeting the RPA market. It was the year the company initiated its first RPA journey with Sutherland and Dell to automate business processes. Already hundreds of processed were being automated using UiPath.

In 2015, DeskOver became UiPath, and concluded its first partnerships with several global BPO & Consulting Firms such as Cognizant, Capgemini, Symphony, NIIT, Genfour, Virtual Operations, Symphony. Hundreds of processes began to be automated using the UiPath RPA tool. A stream of international recognitions followed suit – Aecus recognized UiPath as a Prominent Technological Innovator, Horses for Sources positioned UiPath in the Winner Circle of their RPA blueprint.

In April 2016, UiPath oversaw the launch of Front Office and Back Office Server suites and also made available the Studio Community Edition reaching 10,000 active members in 6 months.

2017 was clearly the year of global expansion for UiPath. In April, the company raised a $30 million series-A funding led by Accel to assist with company expansion and product development, focusing on Artificial Intelligence capabilities. UiPath continued to grow – teams scaling up and new locations opening globally: Tokyo, Singapore, Australia, Paris. UiPath Academy was born allowing thousands of people worldwide train with the UiPath RPA platform solution. UiPath’s footprint in the automation industry kept being acknowledged with several honoring titles – a global Leader and Star Performer in RPA (Everest Group), and – based on superior technology – as RPA industry leader (Forrester).

UiPath debuted its UiPath Forward event series in New York, which then continued to London and Bengaluru amassing more than 2000 customers, partners, analysts, thought leaders in the field of RPA to discuss its future and the impact on work and society.

At the beginning of this year, UiPath became a unicorn company! It raised $153 million Series B funding led by Accel, with Capital G (former Google Capital) and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers as co-contributors. UiPath became the only RPA vendor to be named a Leader and Star Performer for two years in a row by the RPA PEAK Matrix survey conducted by Everest Group.

Half a year later, UiPath raises a new $225M funding Series C led by @CapitalG and @SequoiaCapital, becoming one of the fastest growing enterprise software companies in history.

UiPath is currently the enterprise RPA platform with the widest rate of adoption. More than 1800 enterprise customers and government agencies use it to rapidly deploy software robots.

UiPath’s presence extends now to 16 countries throughout North America, Europe, and Asia, and employs more than 1700 people.


E.ON is a privately-owned international energy company. Our 40,000 colleagues in 13 countries work daily towards the improvement of technical innovations and user-friendly customer solutions for the new energy world. We are the first large energy company to focus more heavily on the energy of the future through our three business areas of energy networks, renewable energies and customer solutions.

E.ON Software Development (ESD) is a recent E.ON group initiative. We are an Agile Delivery Facility that mainly focuses on insourcing strategic international and local developments and securing E.ON Group competitive business knowledge. We are now creating a high quality, world-class Romanian Team in Iaşi and a global software services E.ON hub in Bucharest.

ESD believes that IT is less about doing things in a particular way, and more about moving the business forward and giving it a stronger technological advantage. We are shaping the global energy future under one of the biggest brands in Europe on the energy market, E.ON, in sixteen countries.

We grow our culture in an Agile way, DevOps mindset being the backbone of our company. We built our foundation on a Design Thinking approach to meet our user’s expectations.

E.ON Software Development offers:

  • an Agile working environment;
  • the chance to be part of a new team from inception, the beginning of a promising future
  • maybe one of the biggest professional rewards, the chance to see that your work is useful for millions of users;
  • a stable work environment, which will let you have your personal and fulfilling work rhythm;
  • flexible working environment and a fair amount of holidays, so to provide the right balance between your private and professional life;
  • the chance to pick what you want from a wide range of benefits. From gym to holidays, from food to local transportation pass. There are so many, that we don’t have enough space here to write them.


Since 1919 the name Preh has stood for technical innovation and the flexibility typical of mid-sized German companies. Our company, which started out as a component manufacturer for the radio industry, gradually developed into a pure automotive supplier. Today we are a leading global automotive supplier group with €1.176 million in sales and more than 6.600 employees in Germany, Poland, Portugal, the U.S.A., Mexico, Romania and China.

Preh’s particular strengths include the high percentage of research and development done in-house and its extremely high degree of vertical integration. As a result, customer requirements can be implemented flexibly and quickly. And with the “Pre(h)mium Quality” that we are so proud of.

At the end of 2012, the Joyson group in Ningbo, China acquired 100% of the shares in Preh and integrated the company into the Liaoyuan Joyson Electronic Corp., which is listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. This step completed the systematic merger of the two companies so that they could push ahead on further developments in all areas. At Preh the people-oriented environment that is typical of small and mid-sized German “Mittelstand” companies is combined with the dynamism and creativity of a modern technology-based enterprise.


UniCredit Services is the UniCredit’s global services company created from the integration and consolidation of 16 Group companies and is dedicated to providing services in the sectors of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Back Office and Middle Office, Real Estate, Security and Procurement. It is one of the first service companies to be created at European level and its’ aim is to consolidate and reorganize those operational activities necessary for the correct functioning of the Groups’ business by leveraging on a more flexible delivery and an improved response time.


camLine offers software solutions for manufacturing excellence. Their products, services and solutions are recognized as first-tier in high-tech manufacturing. There is an underlying reason for this; one that, in itself, is imperceptible, but permeates every aspect of every solution the camLine team delivers.

It is know-how; the culmination of consciously and patiently developing the right blend of products, first-team services, a creative and intelligent team that supports and functions as one, and management leadership that oversees and sustains the continuity of threads of expectations and excellence.

Implementing a camLine solution is based on own software brands and inspires an inclination to reach higher. camLine, as your partner, can ensure your ongoing manufacturing operations are optimized and enhanced to reach and sustain Manufacturing Excellence.


At JetBrains, code is their passion. For over 15 years they have strived to make the strongest, most effective developer tools on earth. By automating routine checks and corrections, their tools speed up production, freeing developers to grow, discover and create.

Their line of software products include:

* IntelliJ IDEA (The most intelligent Java IDE)
* PhpStorm (Lightning-smart PHP IDE)
* WebStorm (The smartest JavaScript IDE)
* PyCharm (Python IDE for professional developers)
* RubyMine (The most intelligent Ruby IDE)
* AppCode (Smart IDE for iOS/OS X development)
* CLion (A smart cross-platform IDE for C and C++)
* DataGrip (Your Swiss Army knife for databases & SQL)
* PyCharm Edu (Professional tool to learn programming with Python)

* Rider (New Cross-platform .NET IDE based on the IntelliJ Platform and ReSharper)
* ReSharper (Visual Studio extension for .NET developers)
* ReSharper C++ (Visual Studio extension for .NET developers)
* dotTrace (.NET performance Profiler)
* dotMemory (.NET memory Profiler)
* dotCover (.NET unit test runner and code coverage tool)
* dotPeek (Free .NET decompiler and assembly browser)

* TeamCity (Powerful Continuous Integration out of the box)
* YouTrack (Issue tracker designed for development teams
* Upsource (Code review and repository browsing)
* Hub (JetBrains team tools, integrated)

* Kotlin (Statically typed programming language for the JVM, Android and the browser)
* MPS (DSL development environment)


The HUB from Piatra Neamt is a consistent binder for the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the region. They dare to challenge those who are willing to join the community through initiative, transparency, courage and determination. Whether it’s entrepreneurs in the making, professionals in the business area, companies eager to invest, starting or mature startups or simply connectors and facilitators, each one and all together are the essential part of the HUB’s mission and contribute significantly to its story.

The HUB aims to increase the entrepreneurial environment and support it for the long term, but for that they need reliable players to join and act accordingly. In that sense, they are addressing companies that are open to honest dialogue and focused on the real needs of entrepreneurial dynamics within the region, and such companies have already joined the HUB. They want to generate the energy and the creative spirit that excite and support people in their entrepreneurial challenges.

All these goals will be materialized through a series of programs, events and services that will serve the entire regional entrepreneurial community, activities that have already been tested and validated with the target group.

Masterclass: Testing Strategies for Microservices

Date: 12 April 2019, CLUJ
Training fee: €300/participant plus VAT, only 25 seats available

To book your seats, please contact us by email ([email protected]) or phone (+40 741 103 133).

About the training

Software development is trending toward building systems using small, autonomous, independently deployable services called microservices.

Leveraging microservices makes it easier to add and modify system behavior with minimal or no service interruption. Because they facilitate releasing software early, frequently, and continuously, microservices are especially popular in DevOps.

But how do microservices affect software testing and testability? Are there new testing challenges that arise from this paradigm? Or are these simply old challenges disguised as new ones?

Join Tariq King as he describes the pros and cons of testing under the microservices architecture.

Learn how to develop a microservices testing strategy that fits your project needs—and avoids common pitfalls and misunderstandings.

Whether you’re already using microservices or just considering making the shift, come and engage with Tariq as he brings clarity to testing in a microservices world.

The trainer

Tariq King is the senior director and engineering fellow for quality and performance at Ultimate Software. With more than fifteen years’ experience in software testing research and practice, Tariq heads Ultimate Software’s quality program by providing technical and people leadership, strategic direction, staff training, and research and development in software quality and testing practices. Tariq is a frequent presenter at conferences and workshops, has published more than thirty research articles in IEEE- and ACM-sponsored journals, and has developed and taught software testing courses in both industry and academia. His primary research interest is engineering autonomous self-testing systems. He is cofounder with Jason Arbon of the Artificial Intelligence for Software Testing Association.

Date: 12 April 2019, CLUJ
Training fee: €300/participant plus VAT, only 25 seats available

To book your seats, please contact us by email ([email protected]) or phone (+40 741 103 133).

Lunch and Coffee Breaks included in the price of the Masterclass.

Browse more masterclasses here.

The real perils of artificial intelligence


Why is The Terminator scenario in AI unrealistic? Modern AI focuses on automated reasoning, based on the combination of perfectly understandable principles and plenty of input data, both of which are provided by humans or systems deployed by humans. To think that common algorithms such as nearest neighbour classifier or linear regression could somehow spawn consciousness and start evolving into superintelligent AI minds is farfetched in our opinion.

The idea of exponential intelligence increase is also unrealistic for the simple reason that even if a system could optimise its own workings, it would keep facing more and more difficult problems that would slow down its progress. This would be similar to the progress of human scientists requiring ever greater efforts and resources from the whole research community and indeed the whole society, which the superintelligent entity wouldn’t have access to.

Read more about the doomsday scenarios within the AI field in this article written by Strongbytes.

3 Fintech areas where AI bring the most value

fintech ai

Having discovered the power of artificial intelligence, people all over the world are doing their best to integrate its capabilities into their businesses. According to data from Gartner, by the end of 2020, 20% of citizens in developed nations are expected to use AI for everyday operational tasks.

Customer support revived

Customer-oriented systems such as text chats, voice systems and chatbots are no longer a novelty. They can carry on human-like conversations and deliver expert advice at a low cost. A lot of banks and companies offering financial services have these capabilities in place.

Credit scores and loans

The use of AI in this field brings a major improvement to the decision-making process by turning it into a faster and more reliable one. This translates into allowing more people to apply for a loan or credit, thus increasing their chances of actually getting it.

Fraud detection

Since the advent of electronic commerce and online banking, payment fraud is a constant in our lives. A 2018 report from McAfee shows that the cost of cybercrime currently reaches 0.8% of the global gross domestic product. The most prevalent type of financial cybercrime is credit card fraud, which grows at a fast pace due to the increase in online transactions. But AI tools and machine learning algorithms are quite successful in detecting financial fraud.

Read more about the topic in this article written by our friends from Strongbytes.

The trolley dilemma in AI

trolley dilemma

There is a principle in ethics that forces us to carefully think about the consequences of an action and consider whether its moral value is determined solely by its outcome. The trolley dilemma is a classic experiment developed by philosopher Philippa Foot in 1967 and adapted by Judith Jarvis Thomson in 1985.

The situation goes like this: You see a runaway trolley moving toward five tied-up (or otherwise unaware of the trolley) workers on the tracks. You are standing next to a lever that controls a switch. If you pull the lever, the trolley will be redirected onto a side track, and the five people on the main track will be saved. However, on the side track there is a single person just as oblivious as the other workers. The ethical dilemma that arises is if you should pull the lever, leading to one death but saving five? Or should you just do nothing and allow the trolley to kill the five people on the main track?

Ethics and autonomous cars

The fourth revolution, powered by artificial intelligence, is adding cognitive capabilities to everything, and it is definitely a game changer. We are using AI to build autonomous vehicles, to automate processes, jobs and in some cases, even lives. Considering the impact it will have on individuals and also on the very future of humanity, addressing the topic of ethics is a must.

The ethics of automated jobs

Although the Luddite movement ended a long time ago, some people still have a sense of fear and anxiety when it comes to technology and automating jobs. And with the development of AI systems, there’s currently a general debate whether or not the machines will steal all the jobs.

Read more about the topic in this article written by our friends from Strongbytes.

Tech Conferences – why bother?

tech conferences

IT is a man’s world, but IT wouldn’t be nothing without a woman or a girl… Perhaps this is what James Brown would’ve said if he was still alive and working in the tech field.

The Hidden Figures of the Tech Industry

”There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women” — Madeleine Albright

And here we are in 2018, still dealing with gender inequality and boys’ clubs around most of the tech industries. This is where communities like Women in Tech enter the stage playing their role by the book. As part of this global movement, Women in Tech Cluj organize monthly meetups during which they discuss trending topics in Cluj, the so-called Silicon Valley of Transylvania.

“Our purpose is to make women’s work known, share our stories on how we keep up and spread opportunities to grow. “ – Women in Tech Cluj

To bother, or not to bother: this is the question

More and more, both men and women in the tech community want to hear a female perspective. After all, introducing diverse viewpoints into any conversation adds a depth that helps us better understand and resolve the problems we all face. Still, when it comes to women speakers, locally, things tend to vary from event to event with 27% female speakers at JSHeroes and only 13% at Techsylvania, the gap between male and female speakers remaining an issue that’s worth our attention.

Read more about how do you choose the right tech events to attend, but also about getting to conferences and becoming a speaker in this article written by Wolfpack Digital.

Masterclass: Leading Teams: A Situational Approach

Date: 05 April 2019, Iasi
Training fee: €290/participant plus VAT, only 20 seats available

To book your seats, please contact us by email ([email protected]) or phone (+40 741 103 133).

Managing Collaboration

Though teamwork is one of the most common concepts in businesses today, it is often the most elusive. Teams that lack effective leadership often struggle to work cooperatively with each other and adapt to the variety of personalities, interpretations, opinions and varying skills of other team members. Teams that can successfully master true collaboration, however, are the ultimate competitive advantage.

Leading Teams: A Situational Approach is a one-day program that leverages understanding of situational approaches to leadership to explore the specific skills that leaders need
to transform diverse groups of individuals into cohesive units. Through a variety of case studies, video simulations, group discussions and skill-building activities, participants learn to maximize the performance potential of each team member while building trust, boosting creativity and improving communication.

Benefits of Leading Teams: A Situational Approach

  • Recognize characteristics associated with the predictable stages of team development
  • Understand how to apply leadership strategies with high probabilities of success
  • Distinguish between leading a team and providing leadership for individual team members
  • Develop an action plan that can be immediately implemented to accelerate team development

Date: 05 April 2019, Iasi

Training fee: €290/participant plus VAT, only 20 seats available
To book your seats, please contact us by email ([email protected]) or phone (+40 741 103 133).

Browse more masterclasses here.

The story of Codecamp

The story of Codecamp begins 12 years ago. And because no great story begins with eating a salad, Codecamp’s begins with three friends drinking beer. These three friends, let’s call them Florin, Dan and Gabriel, working in the growing IT scene of the town built on seven hills for some years now, realized that there was a thing missing from their professional and personal lives.

That thing was a tight-knit community, where everyone interested would have access to knowledge. Way back then, there weren’t many places where people could share their experiences. Sure, there was the occasional meet-up or company gathering, but besides that, the IT professionals were on their own.

Being three capable engineers, they attacked this problem head-on and came up with the perfect solution: a conference. They could pull it off, right?

Florin, the loudest, pushiest person you will ever have the honor of meeting, but with the great ability to get under one’s skin, Dan, the silent, analytical type, pulling the financial strings from the shadows, making sure everything is running smoothly and Gabriel, the stoic, more serious than a heart attack developer, that would make sure the content of each conference is up to his high standards, set off into the sunset to make the best IT Conference in Iasi, to start with, and then take over Romania.

And so begins their story, and implicitly, the story of their baby (modern family, not a traditional one), that they named Codecamp. Why Codecamp you ask? Well, because it’s like a camp for coders. If you were hoping for a better story, sorry to disappoint you.

It was the year 2008, and the year of the first Codecamp event ever. Emotions were running high, excitement was in the air, and our three protagonists, with the help of some lifetime friends, managed to pull off something incredible. Not only was the conference a success, but there actually was a community growing around it.

Year after year, Codecamp grew in one, more than others would in five. And soon, it became the place to be if you had anything to do with the IT scene in Iasi. You already knew where all of your friends and colleagues were going to be the Saturday that Codecamp took place. From the moment you step in the venue, on a Codecamp Saturday, you are confronted with a swarm of people of all ages. It may take you more than 15 minutes to get from the ground floor to the conference rooms. If you want to make a pit stop for coffee, be prepared and warned. It will take some time. Why go through it then? Why give up your Saturday to fight your way through thousands of people and probably get your toes stepped on more than once? Easy. Because it’s where you can be part of an awesome community. It’s the place where you can meet people you admire and look up to, it’s the place where you can see what new exciting things companies are doing, it’s the place where you can build friendships and relations, it’s the place where you can learn. It’s home, it’s family, it’s you.

The next stop in the plan for national domination for the three musketeers was of course Cluj-Napoca. A vibrant city with an ever-growing IT scene, it seemed natural for Codecamp to come here and try to create the same community feeling. And that they did. In only a couple of years, The Cluj Codecamp community reaches thousands of people each edition. Two down, a lot more to go.

Fast forwarding to 2017. The year Codecamp turned 10. Fast right? And what better way to celebrate it then with ten conferences in one year? Some said it was crazy, that it could not be done. Well, nobody puts Codecamp in a corner. Welcome on board Timisoara, Chisinau, Bacau, Suceava, Baia Mare and Piatra Neamt!

By now, Florin “Loud Mouth” Cardasim, Dan “Show me the money” Nicola and Gabriel “The Brains” Enea started to feel the growing pressure of running the show on their own. So by the end of the year, enter Andreea and Catalina. If you attended any Codecamp conference in the past two years, you must have seen a tiny redhead running around, always looking like she is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. That’s Andreea. Like the founding fathers, she became part of the heart and soul of Codecamp. And the little not-so-blond-anymore one, being agitated on the other side of the room? That’s Catalina.

With fresh meat for the slaughter, Codecamp set sail for its 11th year of existence. You thought 10 conferences was hard? Try 12. Welcome on board Bucharest!. And by the end of the year, the Codecamp family grew with two more. The youngsters Madalina and Bianca.

And here we are, at the beginning of 2019. It has been quite the journey so far. Codecamp became a place of learning and community, for all those eager to better themselves.  That is why we want to be better. Because we know that you deserve the best. It was time for a change. A new look for the same story. After all, it’s about what happens next_

We couldn’t be more proud of our new battle armor, and we have Alex from Namogo and Sergiu from Strongbytes to thank for that. Thank you for putting up with all our craziness and making us look cool.

Also, a huge thank you to the unsung heroes, that believed in Codecamp and that sacrificed their personal time and their energy to help out. You know who you are and we are eternally grateful.

Here you can see the new story through Alex’s from Namogo eyes.


Masterclass: Leading Change

Date: 05 April 2019, Iasi
Training fee: €290/participant plus VAT, only 20 seats available

To book your seats, please contact us by email ([email protected]) or phone (+40 741 103 133).

Harness the Power of Change

Leading Change, at its core, explores the necessity of effective leadership in the 21st century.

Globalization, social media and technology have rapidly transformed the playing field and will continue to shape the business landscape. The workforce is more connected, yet more disconnected than ever before. Now, more than ever, a strong foundation of leadership is needed to anticipate the changes on the horizon and successfully drive visions into realities.

Through a combination of instructor-led training, role-playing and skill-building activities, Leading Change is a one-day workshop that provides participants with the tools to successfully manage any situation and strategically navigate the dynamics of change. Throughout the course, participants explore methods for assessing performance levels, building resilience in their teams, avoiding common pitfalls, leveraging key stakeholders and improving organizational communication.

Benefits of Leading Change

  • Develop a custom blueprint to assist efforts in successfully implementing change
  • Identify strategies for unfreezing, changing and refreezing behavior
  • Leverage knowledge of time-tested leadership and influence strategies to accelerate the pace of change
  • Recognize resistance to change and respond appropriately

Date: 05 April 2019, Iasi

Training fee: €290/participant plus VAT, only 20 seats available
To book your seats, please contact us by email ([email protected]) or phone (+40 741 103 133).

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Masterclass: Programming ASP.NET Core: State of the Art

Date: 4-5 April 2019, Iasi
Training fee: €600/participant plus VAT, only 20 seats available

To book your seats, please contact us by email ([email protected]) or phone (+40 741 103 133).

About the training

This workshop is essentially structured to upgrade your web programming skills to ASP.NET Core.

The main takeaway is learning how to do the same web-related things you know how to do in your favorite environment in ASP.NET Core. The list includes how to fine-tune the request pipeline and address the content of the incoming request and how to configure the application runtime to serve static files, cookies, and prepare work for the backend. It also covers configuration and user authentication and serving up some user interface.

It also touches on controllers, web HTTP API, Razor and SignalR. The topics will be elaborated through progressive examples that you can follow both in a passive lecture-style way and actively participating writing code live using your laptop. The focus will be ASP.NET Core 3.0.


The Core of ASP.NET Core 3.0

Processing a HTTP Request

Configuration and Core Facts of Security



Advanced Features of Razor



The trainer

Since 2003, Dino has been the voice of Microsoft Press to Web developers and the author of many popular books on ASP.NET and software architecture. Dino wrote “Architecting Applications for the Enterprise” with fellow MVP Andrea Saltarello and “Modern Web Development” and has “Programming ASP.NET Core” in the works for 2018. When not training, Dino serves as the Digital Strategist of BaxEnergy, a software firm in the energy market.

Training fee: €600/participant plus VAT, only 20 seats available
To book your seats, please contact us by email ([email protected]) or phone (+40 741 103 133).

Lunch and Coffee Breaks included in the price of the Masterclass.

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